Italiysky Dim

It is an organization for the promotion of trade between Italy and Ukraine organized by the Consulate of Ukraine for the North East of Italy in collaboration with the National Chamber of Commerce of Ukraine and the Embassy of Ukraine in Italy.

Italiysky Dim aims to contribute to the development of cooperation in economic, trade, technical, legal, scientific and cultural cooperation between Italy and Ukraine as well as to promote the creation of a trust climate and collaboration between entrepreneurs of both countries .


Step 1

After the analysis of the report by OpenGateItaly, Italiysky Dim organizes a detailed trip for your company in Ukraine, where it will be showed different business opportunities of each sector and also the mission of the company.
Moreover, the company will be followed by a representative step by step, for the entire journey.



Step 2

Italiysky Dim decides the first meeting with the company in Italy, after that different meetings will be established with companies with interesting profiles. The company takes part to events and exhibitions of the specific sector. After that, Italiysky Dim makes a more detailed company analysis in order to appraise customer characteristics; it will be followed by a Sales Representative presentation of the company project. Transports, translation services and assistance are provided by Italyisky Dim.


Step 3

After the visit in Italy, Italiysky Dim plans a development program according to the company’ necessities.

For instance, a project example could be:
- To build a selling network
- Create a new society
- joint ventures etc..

During the realization of the project, two representatives will support you: one in Italy, which operates throughout the project and one another which coordinates the project in Ukraine.