“4 Days for Ukraine” ends with Padova Marathon


On Sunday 23rd April, the long-awaited Padova Marathon happened in Padua. This year, the most beloved event by Padua inhabitants was part of the event dedicated to Ukraine“4 Days for Ukraine”, organized by the Honorary Ukrainian Consulate of Padua, and saw the participation of remarkable guests as the Honorary Ukrainian Consul Marco Toson and the President of the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce Gennady Chyzhykov.

It was a very special event during which the President Chyzhykov, notorious runner, started the 42 km Marathon with the traditional ribbon cutting and then he took part first-hand. The Consul Marco Toson was also present to the opening ceremony of even three different itineraries, 1km, 5km, 10km, the called “Stradecittadine”, and then like the President, he participated first-hand.
The participation of both the Consul and President of the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce to this event and the organization handled by the Consul Toson underlined once again the collaboration and the relationships, not only regarding business but also cultural, that are growing between Padua and Ukraine.