The Thunder BBQs arrive at Padua's Fair


On 16th of May began in Padua the 98th edition of the local fair. This year, thanks to the big effort of the Honorary Consul Marco Toson, between the numerous stands there is also a Ukrainian one.

In the Ukrainian stand is introduced on the market a new and innovative product: the Thunder BBQ. it is a beatiful decorated amphora that, in addition to its classic function, it can be also used to cook many types of food as meat, fish, vegetable and even pizza.

The presentation of this amazing product will be held in the stand, located in the pavilion 4, on the 19th of May at 18 o' clock.

Thunder BBQ represents an excellent business opportunity for all Italian entrepeneurs, but also it can be a great occasion for all people who want to enhance their home with an original, functional and with great style product.