About us

OpenGateItaly is a project with several years of experience, whose aim is to sustain the economic activities of both  Italian and Ukrainian enterprises/companies.

The project’s aim is to contribute to the development of the economic, commercial, technical, juridical, scientific and cultural collaboration between Italy and Ukraine and also to build up a relationship of trust between the entrepreneurs of both countries.

Our team of professionals supports Ukrainian and Italian entrepreneurs and investors through the promotion of their companies and their products in Europe. Thanks to Italiysky Dim they get the support  throughout the research of potential customers, during the organization of selling networks, during obtainment of certifications and quality standards necessary to the export in Europe as well as fiscal, legal, logistic and custom assistance.


Step 1                  

You will be contacted by OpenGateItaly which gives you the form. You fill in the form; this analysis help us to identify characteristics and necessities of your company. OpenGateItaly has representatives located in different Ukrainianand Italian regions. They will help you to fill in the form step by step.


Step 2

When the form is full-finished, your company data and your presentation will be uploaded to our website. Furthermore you will be asked to send us samples of your products, which will be displayed in our showroom; free of charge.


Step 3

Finally, we will send you a report, in which you can find an accurate analysis about your company potentialities in the market of your interest.